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Path Of Exile 2 Sequel Free Online Isometric Action RPG That Still Survive

Augustbe you’ve heard of games that are similar to Diablo but online. Path of Exile is an action RPG game with an isometric view. Although it doesn’t sound like much like some other online games, this game still survives with a stable number of users. What’s even more surprising is that the developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, is working on the latest sequel project, Path of Exile 2. This game will obviously be similar to Path of Exile but with many new features added to it.

Upgrade from Path Of Exile 1

Path of Exile 2 will have a 7-act storyline without losing the experience storyline in Path of Exile 1. It is planned that you will be able to choose between the two main campaigns. All expansions that have been in Path of Exile 1 will also remain in Path of Exile 2 without leaving any. Not only that, this game will also use the latest engine with other improvements.

New Weapon Types, New Skills, and New Class Upgrades

Path of Exile 2 will add the latest types of weapons, skills, and class upgrades. Examples of the latest types of weapons are Spear and Crossbow. With the new type of weapon, the skill set offered has also been updated. Compared to Path of Exile 1, the use of gem skills will be updated to be neater and can be connected to a maximum of 5 support skills. In addition, even though Path of Exile 2 uses the same class archtypes for the game start, this character can be upgraded to 19 new classes that are different from the upgrade class in Path of Exile 1.

New Map, New Enemies, and New Boss Fight

With the addition of a new campaign, it is clear that there will be a new map with new enemies and bosses. The plan is that this game will have a mini boss in each map with unique mechanics with interactions on the map. For example, you will meet a boss golem in a cave with a roof mechanism that collapses every time the boss performs a certain skill. The small enemies that appear are also many new monsters that are not in Path of Exile 1. So that you can imagine what the game is like, you can watch the gameplay below.

Unfortunately this game is still in the making. And the fastest release is expected in 2022 if there are no problems. For now maybe you have never tried the first series. Path Of Exile you can play on PC, Xbox, and PS4. For more details, you can visit the official website.