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Oura Get This Supreme Hero Title!

Oura Get This Supreme Hero Title! Oura uploaded a new video on Oura Gaming YouTube, where she wants to be Supreme using Leomord’s hero with Donkey, Drian, Luminaire and G. Throughout the match Oura really plays seriously using her Leomord so Oura can get Supreme Leomord.

However, Oura’s party seemed to be teasing Oura so she couldn’t get the title of Supreme Leomord. One of them is by voting surrender like in 15 minutes. Oura who saw it immediately shouted “not funny” because he was afraid if he was really elected to surrender.

Oura Supreme Leomord
source: YouTube Oura Gaming

The surrender vote took place several times but fortunately Oura and 1 other player always chose no so the surrender vote was always unsuccessful. After going through a thrilling and quite long match of 24 minutes, the game was finally won.

Oura also managed to get the Supreme title on Leomord’s hero, but the unique thing here is that Oura became the first player in Oura’s squad named GENG KAPAK this season to win the Supreme title.

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Oura Supreme Leomord
Source: Oura Gaming YouTube

Getting the Supreme title still seems to give an extraordinary impression, one of which is for this former EVOS Esports player as well.

To see the excitement of Oura’s match getting the Supreme title, spinners can just click on the video below. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!