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Only RRQ Lemon is left from the Oxygen Squad who are still actively playing in MPL!

Only RRQ Lemon is left from the Oxygen Squad who are still actively playing in MPL!

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends Oxygen team or what is often called O2? Which this team was very popular in 2022/2022 ago.

Their popularity at that time was achieved after winning various types of prestigious Mobile Legends tournaments on a national and international scale.

If you are a veteran Mobile Legends player, of course you know this team, the team that has been acquired by the RRQ team.

Since it was acquired by the RRQ team, many changes have occurred to the Oxygen squad, including the loss of many player names from the professional Mobile Legends scene.

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Oxygen Roster

Before that, you have to know all the players who are members of the Oxygen (O2) team, including Tuturu, InstincT, Marsha, Barier Jr, Lemon and Banshee.

But now among the players we mentioned above, only Lemon is still playing in the Indonesian Mobile Legends professional league, MPL.

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RRQ Lemon Oxygen, RRQ Oxygen

Where are the other Oxygen players besides Lemon?

Apart from Lemon who plays in MPL, the rest are no longer active in the highest league of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Call it Tuturu and Marsha who have now decided to take a break from the Mobile Legends pro scene and focus on being streamers.

InstincT whose future is uncertain after not joining any team.

Barier Jr, who is now the coach of Redbull Rebellion Mobile Legends and Banshee, whose whereabouts is unknown at this time.

Now the Oxygen squad is just a memory because the only active player is RRQ Lemon.

But after all, they are the history of the development of the Mobile Legends industry in Indonesia.

They helped bring the name Mobile Legends to be widely known as it is today in Indonesia.

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