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ONIC Mars Explains How Somber communicates with ONIC Esports Players

ONIC Mars Explains How Somber communicates with ONIC Esports Players. ONIC Esports brought in the former Arena of Valor coach Brother E-Sports (SES) on August 27, 2022 yesterday. The ONIC Esports coach who will replace Tibold’s coach is Chen “Somber” Po-Heng who is a coach from Taiwan.

The debut of the ONIC Esports coach with his assistant coach, ONIC Mars, was quite successful by directly winning the international tournament titled Mytel International Championship by defeating EVOS Legends in the grand final round.

SPIN Esports directly asked ONIC Mars about Somber’s chemistry with ONIC Esports players, considering their debut went smoothly.

ONIC Esports MPL ID S6
Photo via: MPL Indonesia

“Our chemistry is smooth and good from coaching staff and players. There are no problems, even if there are problems, they will be resolved as soon as possible,” he explained to SPIN Esports.

SPIN Esports also asked if there was a communication problem with ONIC Esports players, because Somber is a Taiwanese.

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“Somber is a Taiwanese person, she uses Mandarin and English to us, if it’s Sasa who translates Mandarin, the average English understands, if you don’t understand, the person who understands it will immediately tell you, so there’s no problem in communication,” he added. ONIC Mars.

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Somber Mars ONIC Esports
Photo via: ONIC Esports

Somber and Mars will be preparing to face new challenges in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 which will start on August 14, 2022. Can ONIC Esports occupy the highest throne again in MPL ID? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook our!