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Official Godzilla & Kong Collaboration with PUBG Mobile

Godzilla vs Kong is a legendary monsterverse film ever made. This movie is franchise the fourth of several film series including Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of The Monster. Then what does that have to do with games ?

Recently Tencent as publisher from the PUBG Game & PUBG Mobile to collaborate epic with Toho Studio’s films. Adam Wingard as the Director said that this is a form of appreciation to their loyal fans.

PUBG Mobile provides a new mode that provides an interesting experience for players, namely being able to see a special encounter between Godzilla and Kong.

Of course this makes Godzilla & Kong loyal fans and PUBG Mobile players enthusiastic. Where this film shows the fight epic between two giant monsters to see who is the king of the monsters on earth while humanity tries to exterminate these two monsters to keep the earth safe.

Wow, who would have thought, this is the first collaboration between this film and a game. This collaboration is also aimed at commemorating the third anniversary of PUBG Mobile as well as releasing their latest map, the Karakin map on PUBG Mobile. The Karakin map has an area of ​​2×2 kilometers and is the sixth map of PUBG Mobile.

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How to?

To be able to enjoy this Titan mode, you must first update PUBG Mobile on your cellphone to version 1.4. This latest gameplay is not the end, it turns out that there will be many more mysterious Titans appearing in all the existing maps.

It is reported that on August 9, PUBG Mobile will introduce several Mysterious Labs where strange events have appeared on earth. For players who find this strange laboratory they will experience a series of amazing strange events.

You can experience events that change to the size of an ant and later fight other players of the same size. Interestingly, to defeat other players, you cannot use ordinary weapons, there will be special weapons to be able to kill other players. Except, the one and only PUBG’s iconic weapon is the frying pan.

Godzilla appears on PUBG Mobile on August 15th and Kong on August 20th. For you fashion lovers classic war as usual take it easy, because this Titan only appears if you play Titan Strikes mode.

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