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Now Netflix Can Also Access Mobile Games

If multiple companies games give away their products for free to increase sales. For example PS Plus and Epic Games. It’s different with the company streaming videos The biggest in the world today is Netflix.

Surprisingly Netflix launches Strangers Things as mobile games first accessible on their platform. This of course aims to increase the users of this platform. However, at the time of testing, Stranger Things was only available in Poland.

No Ads and In-App Purchases

Things that strain competitors in the industry games the other is Netflix’s blatant statement. They say that games existing ones will have no ads and purchases inside games.

Of course this makes the players games happy. However there will be a different reaction tone from the developer games. Because one of their money-making “taps” is advertising and in-house purchases games.

The offering from Netflix does just that. They also include packages streaming in purchase games. Interesting right? Even though by selling film and series alone Netflix is ​​hard to beat. Especially with their new strategy.

On smartphone Android title games available will say “Play Mobile Games” located at the bottom smartphone later. If gamer click on it, they will direct to Google Playstore and can go directly download games the.

Reed Hastings as Co-Ceo revealed that they are not only targeting the market video games as revenue stream they. Netflix plans to increase their users through video games, not get money from video games.

Even so, Netflix’s big move will certainly affect the market games. Moreover Reed Hastings said that they were planning to make games from famous TV shows and Movies on platform they.

Even IDGameWare shook his head when he heard this statement. You can’t imagine how the “old players” in the industry will be games to compete with them. Moreover, Netflix is ​​not looking for money in games.

This of course will affect the way they enter the hearts of their users. We’ll see what happens next. One thing is for sure, this move will definitely make the industry games growing faster.

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