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Nokia T20, a smart tablet that can be used for all situations

Who said Nokia is dead? One of the world’s famous mobile phone companies who also made history in the telecommunications world is still continuing to maintain their business and stay competitive with many competitors. When the tablet market was hot, the Nokia T20 was also launched as a form of toughness from this company.

If the Huawei MatePad 11 targets the creative worker market that requires high mobility. Nokia T20 provides convenience for workers, students and connoisseurs games. This one tablet is designed to be more durable to support fairly heavy activities.

Nokia T20 design

Features and Performance

Nokia T20 has improved their OS performance by providing features face unlock. This tablet uses a chip octa core T610 2A75 1.8Ghz + 6A55 1.8Ghz to ensure the maximum experience of each user.

As for audio, the Nokia T20 uses with amplifiers. In addition, there is also an OZO feature playback which provides an amazing experience despite being in an open space which is quite noisy.

Google Kids Space and Prices

Nokia T20 also introduces Goofle Kids Space which is designed to foster children’s curiosity and creativity. This application is able to provide recommended books and videos for children.

There are also features family link which allows parents to control the tablet. So that all children’s activities can be monitored properly. So, what price is set by Nokia for this cool tablet?

With the size of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage capacity, Nokia set a fairly cheap price, which is around Rp. 3.4 million.

How interested to have a tablet on this one?

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