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Nintendo Switch OLED is officially released with detailed information

Nintendo today officially announced their newest product, the Nintendo Switch OLED. Nintendo emphasizes bright and sharp colors in their latest product.

If earlier last week you guys gamers recommendation has been given games best in August. This time you can spend your savings on Nintendo’s newest hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch OLED Not Nintendo Switch Pro

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Still many gamers misperceptions about the Nintendo Switch OLED. This console is different from the Nintendo Switch Pro. No 4K mode, frame rate or super graphics. This Nintendo hybrid console might be a bit of a letdown.

But the interesting side of this hybrid console is a fairly large layer increase. Equipped with the latest OLED layer with a width of 7 inches will certainly satisfy Nintendo lovers. The advantage of the OLED layer is the contrast.

Each existing pixel can be turned off and on one by one, so that the existing colors will appear more vivid. Although there is no 4K mode, this OLED layer is certainly the beginning of Nintendo entering the modern era.

In addition, this hybrid console makes improvements to the audio. Until the gamers not only spoil the eyes but also add comfort when playing games. Another advantage that the Nintendo Switch OLED offers is its design.

There is a table seat which is quite thin. This improvement makes gamers can play with a little bit more distance. Although IDGameWare is not so sure about much gamers who plays this mode.

Lastly, the Nintendo Switch OLED also has a TV mode. Gamers can also connect it to the TV via HDMI. A LAN port is installed on this hybrid console so that gamers no need to struggle to find a WiFi signal to play the mode on line.

Specifications and Prices

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Display7 Inch OLED Touch Screen
Resolution720P Handheld/ 1080 Docked
Capacity64GB (Expandable)
ChipsetNvidia Tegra X1 Custom
Battery Life4.5 – 9 Hours
ConnectivityUBS Type C, 3.5 mm Audio, microSD, LAN Cable
Size9.5 x 4 x 0.55 inches
Heavy0.93 pounds

With a much larger layer size and some improvements. Nintendo priced the Nintendo Switch OLED at a price of $ 349.99 or equivalent to Rp. 5 million and will be released on October 8, 2022. Enough worth it at this price when viewed from the specifications given.

If para gamers If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro, of course you need to wait a little longer. While waiting to play the Nintendo Switch, OLED can be an option for fans gamers.

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