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New World, MMO Game Expected to Release in 2022

new world mmo

For those of you who have an interest in paid PC MMO games, maybe this will be a suitable choice for you. New World is expected to have similarities with Guild Wars 2. Because this type of game has not appeared in circulation for a long time, many fans of this type of game have high expectations for this game. Even Amazon as its own development team decided to postpone the launch due to requests from the community itself.

Free, Subscription or One Time?

To be able to play this game, it costs Rp. 249,999,- for the standard version. As previously mentioned, New World will most likely have a system like Guild Wars 2, namely One Time Purchase with optional in-game items that can be purchased by players.

Features Offered?

Some of the features that will be in this game are 50v50 “War Mode“, territory control, multiple housing. This 50v50 battle in one map aims to fight over the territory of the players’ factions. Territory control is a feature that is widely available in other MMORPGs, namely a map area will become the ownership of one faction and the profits will be received by that faction. This multiple housing is a home purchase system that you can do on settlement each time it reaches certain levels.

The combat in this game will be similar to The Elder Scroll Online. Each character will have a hitbox that can be attacked by weapons and skills by other characters. So for players who can nimbly avoid enemy attacks will have a greater chance of survival.


Latest Info

Today on August 30, 2022 there will be a Density Test where alpha testers, beta sign-ups, and those who have pre-ordered New World can try this game to help the testing server in the game. Unfortunately this testing is only done on US servers only. You can see the complete information on the official site. Interested in playing it, gang? please comment below.