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New Game Theme Inspired By Pokemon

After the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield last year. The internet was surprised by the presence of games with the same concept as Pokemon. The game is named temtem. This theme itself is produced by a team of developers from Spain named Crema. Crema released this game with genre massive multiplayer creature collection adventure which is very similar to the Pokemon game from Gamefreak. That is adventuring with your cute monster partner.

A system suitable for multiplayer

Although for now it is still in the stage Early Access on Steamthis game already has core promising features. One of them is system multiplayer which allows each player to interact with one another. Even players can do battle in co-op because most of the battles are done in 2v2. In addition, several features that have been implemented for now are the monster trade system, chat and battle. In the future there will be a system Club or you could say a guild or clan.

First impression

Some things that are quite disturbing for now are server limit and game bugs. For server limit it’s not too big right now so sometimes we have to wait queue before being able to enter during peak hours. Some interactions and skills still have bugs that can interfere with the game, but this development team very often receives bug complaints and fixes them as quickly as possible.

From the players, for the players

Half funded via kickstarter, for now only Temtem has been released for PC. However, Crema plans to release it on other platforms such as XBox, Playstation, and Switch. This game can be found on the Steam Store for IDR 159,000. A little info, this game should have a price of 35$, but this game can be purchased in Indonesia at a cheaper price.

As mentioned earlier, the game is still in its infancy Early Access. If you can’t play games with lots of bugs maybe now isn’t the time to try this game. However, because it is still in the stage Early Access and a pretty promising start, this game might rival Pokemon or Digimon. For those of you who like games like Pokemon, you will most likely like this game.