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NetEase to Release Onmyoji The World with Adventure RPG Gameplay

Cover Onmyoji The World

NetEase Connect 2022 has finished and they officially announced 13 titles games which they are working on. Between 13 games One of those that became the center of attention was Onmyoji The World. Onmyoji The World is spin-off game 5th in the Onmyoji franchise.

Onmyoji has a different genre in each series. This time Onmyoji The World brings the genre Adventure RPG. The first series with the title Onmyoji carries the genre turn-based RPG, the second series Onmyoji Arena MOBA genre, Onmyoji Chess Autobattler Game genre, fourth Onmyoji The Card Game Collectible Card Game genre.

In 2022, Onmyoji The World was announced by NetEase under the name Project The World. This game will be centered in the Heian Era with the MMORPG genre. We can see from the trailer they released on the NetEase Games youtube channel for their fans.

Based on the trailer, it is possible that Onmyoji The World will be in the MMORPG genre as announced last year. But if we look at NetEase’s habits when issuing games there is a possibility games This is an Adventure RPG genre.

Why Adventure RPGs?

Simple game made by NetEase will be similar to Genshin Impact. Due to NetEase’s habit of always issuing spin-off based on games which was a hit that year. As we know last year’s Genshin Impact broke last year’s record, becoming games best-selling in less than 6 months and even get a profit of more than Rp. 14 Trillion.

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However, it is possible games this will be produced into games MMORPG if NetEase wants to take the global market. We’ll see what this Chinese company will do. If we look at their previous strategy, NetEase never follows ego. They prefer to play safe and in line with market interest every year.

We know this Chinese company always serves games which is interesting even though in terms of originality it is not too concerned. But for class games free originality is not the main problem.

Let’s just wait sometime games it will release.