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Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Star Wars Collaboration, Star Wars in the Land of Dawn

Moonton as the publisher of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game gave a stir. How not, at this time still events STUN is still running and Moonton released a teaser image that Mobile Legends will collaborate with Star Wars. It’s not just the big names of Star Wars that have made this topic a hot topic, but two universe which are different are made one in Land of Dawn Of course it will be very interesting.

I suspect Moonton is a Star Wars fan, for uploading this collaboration poster to commemorate Star Wars Day on August 4th on their official website. This made their fans enthusiastic and speculated on how the two would be universe this meet.

Exclusive Skins in Some Regions Only

Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Star Wars

From the teaser photo uploaded by Moonton, you can see a large silhouette of Darth Vader next to Baby Yoda, showing a different red and blue aura. As if to show that they will be on different sides.

Then there was a light that shone with two small silhouettes in front of him with the stature of an angel and a magician. Mobile Legends Bang Bang players know that these two heroes are Argus and Cyclop if you look at their shape. What is still a debate is whether Darth Vader and Baby Yoda will be heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang or Argus and Cyclop are given the power and fight for Darth Vader and Baby Yoda’s side.

Unfortunately, this collaboration cannot be enjoyed by all Mobile Legends Bang Bang players around the world. Moonton confirmed that this collaboration is limited to certain regions. But don’t be discouraged because Indonesia is one of the areas that get this exclusive collaboration. In addition to Indonesia, there are also several countries that get, namely Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Timor Leste and Japan.

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The surprise did not end there, the rumors circulating were not only Argus and Cyclops who would be part of this collaboration. However, there are three other heroes who will take part, but Moonton still keeps secret who the hero is. Augustbe if Badang becomes Captain Commando, Hayabusa becomes Captain Ginzu and Gusion becomes Captain Mark it will be fun too. We look forward to this collaboration and the next official announcement from Moonton. Follow IDGameWare to get information about the latest games and hardware.