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MOBA Game Review With Local Kaerifan: Lokapala

Released by full on the Play Store on 20 August 2022 ago, Lokapala became a MOBA game with its own interests. Developed by Anantarupa Studio, Lokapala is a 5v5 Battle Arena game with unique characters and characteristics gameplay which is offered. The maps offered are also different from those of other MOBA games. We will explain the striking differences further in this article.


In this game the Heroes that we can play have the title Ksatriya. Until now there are 16 Ksatriya that can be played. Knights are divided into several categories, namely Marksman, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Assassin, and Support. For new players you are given two initial Knights namely Sena and Jinno. Sena is a Marksman type Knight and Jinno is a Support type Knight. But don’t be sad, because there will be a free rolling Ksatriya in a certain time. For now there are 15 Knights that can be played for free.


Map or Arena in this game is also called Asylum. Inside the Sanctuary, there are 3 lanes like a map in general. One of the interesting things is that there is a type of lord on the top right and bottom right which if your team can defeat it, you can choose one person to control the lord. The direction to get there can also be a ganking path that is easy to use to surround the upper and lower lanes.


Gameplay in general may not be much different from other MOBA games. In addition to the regen skill and a unique skill slot that you can setup before the fight, you have a skill called Wahana. By using Wahana, your movement speed will increase when you are not in battle. This skill is also very useful to be able to reach a battle position quickly.

If the battle continues for too long, each team’s ancient will turn into Rhaksasa who will walk to the center of the map, and fight each other. The team that manages to defeat the enemy Rhaksasa first will be the winner.


Lokapala has many distinct features and is quite promising as an addictive MOBA. With unique gameplay and strong local wisdom, Lokapala may have difficulty gathering a player base. However, if the player base has been collected, this game is no less competitive with other MOBA games. The game can be downloaded here.