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Mir4 An MMORPG Game That Gives Money To Its Players

Nowadays the development of technology is so fast that it even exceeds the minds of many people. Many technology companies are trying to innovate on a large scale. For example, an electronics company from China which is famous for its cell phone, recently issued a MatePad 11 tablet that can replace a laptop. Developments are also happening in the industry games, one of them games Mir4 which can give money to its players.

How come?

About Mir4 Games

Games the origin of this ginseng country is made developer WeMade Entertainment. Games This MMORPG with a background story of the war era in South Korea has become popular lately because of a system that gives money in the form of NFT to its players.

Since its release on August 25, 2022, Mir4 has become so boom including in Indonesia. Apart from providing NFT, many people play Mir4 because gameplay, story and attractive visuals. It can be said that Mir4 is one of the games which provides NFT with the best view of the year.

Because some games which gives NFT to its players has visuals and gameplay simple one. While Mir4 actually makes the game so complex.

Interestingly, Mir4 can be played cross-platform. It means gamer can play on Android and PC with the same ID.

How to Get NFT in Games This?

There are 4 hero class which can be selected in games Mir4. Warrior, Sorcerer, Daoist and Lancer. Of course every class each have advantages.

To get NFT, gamer have to collect items the one called Darksteels inside games. This Darksteel can be obtained from quest or from mining activities. For 100k darksteel, gamer will get 1 NFT token by exchanging it to wallet Wemix.

For information, every quest get enough Darksteel in games this. Even if gamer just doing mining activities, in about 5 hours can get 100 thousand darksteel.

This Darksteel can be exchanged directly inside games through the market system. However, it takes level 40 to be able to open the market system. Actually for grinding still fairly easy, because Mir4 has an autoplay and auto attack system. Aside from that, quest available are quite a lot and easy to complete.

Where to Download Mir4?

To play games this, you can download it at cell phone both Android and IOS. For gamer who are used to playing on PC. Mir4 is available for Windows operating system. Gamers you can download it on Steam if you want to play on PC.

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