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Marvel's Avengers Open Beta PS 4

marvel's avengers open beta

Square Enix released Marvel’s Avenger open beta for PS 4 on August 14, 2022. In order to enter this open beta, you are required to have a Square Enix Account. To register, just use your FB account. This Avengers game is themed about the earth being attacked by super villains and the Avengers team trying to protect the earth. What do you think you can find in this game?

Many Characters Available

In this open beta of Marvel’s Avengers, you will be able to use the characters in the Avengers. You can play characters like Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Ms Marvel in this game. You can play these characters alternately according to the mission you are running.

Marvel Game-Style Gameplay

The gameplay that carries this third person shooter is indeed quite similar to other marvel games. One example is the previously released Spiderman game. In this game, you can take advantage of the unique powers of each character to fight against your enemies. One example is the Hulk, who can perform powerful and deadly attacks that target multiple enemies at once. There is also Iron Man, who has the ability to do battle in the air. As well as characters with other unique abilities.

Release 4 September 2022

This game will be released on several platforms such as PS 4, Xbox One and also PC via Steam on September 4, 2022 later. For those of you who want to try Marvel’s Avenger open beta on PS 4 Can be via this link. Don’t hesitate to pre-order for you Marvel fans. You all have to buy this game.