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Lokapala First Moba Game from Indonesia Supported by PT Melon Indonesia

Lokapala is the latest breakthrough from the nation’s children. As we know MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games are very popular in the last few years in Indonesia. Starting from AOV (Arena of Valor), VainGlory and the most popular is Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends has proven to get 100 million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of 4.1 this year. Therefore, Lokapala, the game created by the children of the nation by Anantarupa Studio, was made to fulfill the wishes of the Indonesian people, especially gamers who like the MOBA genre. Anantarupa Studio is the only game developer who has succeeded in making MOBA and eSports games from Southeast Asia. Lokapala raised a very Indonesian theme, starting from the selection of characters and names. All are taken from the themes of wayang, mythology and mythical creatures from Indonesian culture. After passing the beta phase, Lokapala was finally officially launched on August 20, 2022 yesterday. The grand launching of Lokapala was broadcast live through the Lokapala MOBA YouTube channel and presented Ivan Chen as CEO of Anantarupa Studio, Diana Paskarina (COO of Anantarupa Studio), Dedi Suherman (CEO of PT. Melon Indonesia) and Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi (Director of Digital Business Telkomgroup) and opened by remarks from Jerry Sambuaga, Deputy Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, and Hilman Farid, Director General of Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Here is the video link for the grand launching, guys.

Telkom Group Really Supports Lokapala

PT Melon Indonesia and Telkom Group strongly support the creation of the Lokapala game, in the form of its support PT Melon Indonesia is now a Lokapala publisher. Lokapala is also planned to be included as a game that has value and benefits in the Gamer Package Indihome service. It is possible that Lokapala free items and other benefits will be given to attract the desires of gamers
to use the Gamer Package IndiHome service. “So we have been hunting for the game business since the last two years. We
Also on this hunting trip, we finally met a game that we saw was very ready, namely Lokapala. Why Lokapala? First, the genre is MOBA,” said Dedi. Dedi stated that Melon Indonesia already knows which games can be monetized and which games survive. “And we look at the MOBA game, one of the best MOBA games in the world, I’ll call it Mobile Legend, since 2022 it has survived in the top three in Indonesia, across all telcos and all platforms,” ​​said Dedi. In addition, Dedi sees the very large development of esports in Indonesia. “With those two, we find Lokapala is a suitable game, MOBA genre, the second is the first local game that can be implemented with esports.” Another reason is that the characters in Lokapala are local. “Because it is local, we can give the nuances of nationalism. Next, why do we choose Lokapala? Because we want local developers to have pride and be able to generate revenue and monetizing.”

Knights Choose Match! Southeast Asia’s First Moba Game Developer eSports

Indonesia is well known for its gotong royong culture. Therefore, through Lokapala, Anantarupa Studio and its creative industry partners are committed to helping Indonesians fight against the COVID-19 outbreak by establishing a State Defense mission.

In this campaign Lokapala fought with the Gotong Royong Team, namely:

1. Adikarsa Copyright Association (CAKRA)

2. Anantarupa Studio

3. Telkom Group

4. Caravan Studio 5. Indonesian Hero Foundation

6. Elwin Hendrijanto

7. Ryan Gozali (Five)

8. Dennis Adishwara

Ksatriya Choose Tanding has jargon “Stay at Home, Play at Home and Help from Home

All Lokapala Ksatriyas are called to help and participate in this National Defense mission, namely by participating in online tournaments that are conducted from home. The tournament was held in 20 cities which were attended by representatives of the urban communities.

Meanwhile, 100% of the funds collected will be used to support everything needed by health workers to deal with the pandemic, as well as the impact of its emergence, such as PPE, supplements, hand sanitizers and others.

How does the Ksatriya choose to compete in action to defend the country?

Our value proposition to Brands is by providing CSR in the form of masks and medical equipment, vouchers that can be used to buy daily necessities, internet vouchers, etc. As an example :

So, how is it? Let’s join as Knights of the Choose to Compete in the National Defense campaign! We
help our brother Satan Air.
“Stay at Home, Play at Home and Help from Home”.

for those who want to play lokapala, you can download it via this link on the playstore.