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Line Rangers Collaborate with Mushoku Tensei

Good news for lovers games and anime in the homeland. Because Line Rangers provide press release if they will do Cooperation together anime Mushoku Tensei. Line Rangers immediately gave press release this to e-mail IDGameWare.

From e-mail what they give this collaboration will be a games fun with concept defense tower and can be downloaded for free on the Appstore and Playstore. As we know that anime This Mushoku Tensei is one of the anime which is in demand.

Even as of August 7, 2022 anime it sold 7.7 million copies. Of course this collaboration is the right step for Line Rangers.

Mushoku Tensei itself tells the story of the life of a person named Rudeus Greyrat who comes from another world. He is trapped in a different world and leads a different life. Interestingly all the memories and knowledge he had in his previous life were never lost.

What’s in the Line Rangers and Mushoku Tensei Collaboration?

Image Source: Zetizen Cirebon

Based on press release they will do maintenance until August 31, 2022 to prepare for this collaboration. In games later there will be characters Rudeus, Eris, Roxy Ghislaine and Ruijerd.

Gamers will also get gear addition that appears as items what’s in anime Mushoku Tensei. Gamers You must immediately login until a maximum of August 31, 2022 if you want to get the Ghislaine character for free.

During the collaboration, there will be a planet Mushoku Tensei. Gamers who managed to conquer the round on the planet Mushoku Tensei will get Coins, Feather and materials. Items this is what will be used to evolve.

Besides that items this can later upgrade Ghislain’s character to 8 stars. Come on, of course gamer it will be a big loss if you don’t log in during the collaboration period. If gamer want to get more detailed information.

Gamers can login and see collaboration announcements on the front page. Come on, don’t miss it. If gamer imagine playing games but has elements and Indonesian culture. Possible games Parakacuk can be tried to play.

Continue to follow IDGameWare to get official information related games and hardware.