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Is it true that Fortnite will be banned by Indonesia?

A few weeks ago, games made by Epic Games, Fortnite is back to being a hot topic in Indonesia. But unfortunately not because of achievements or stunning competition. However, due to the negative news that appeared by games Fortnite.

This started from the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno who gave statement excited about games Fortnite. This Menparekraf stated that Indonesia must follow up even banned game the.

Investigate it turns out games This is indicated to insult Islam according to Sandiaga Uno. Sandiaga Uno found a video circulating showing games This Fortnite destroys buildings like the Kaaba. It doesn’t end here.

The anger of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy turned out to have a long tail. Johnny G. Plate as the Minister of Communication and Information has been working with the Indonesian police to investigate and banned game Fortnite in Indonesia.

Of course, this news is going viral on social media. The serious response of the Minister of Communication and Informatics has made many parties agree, but also not a few who regret this action. Many Netizens agree because it is judged that the shape of the cube really resembles the Ka’Bah.

Netizen Responses Regarding Fortnite News

According to Netizens, although the colors are different, the atmosphere and ornaments around the cube are very similar to those in the Kaaba. It turns out that not a few Netizens do not agree with the discourse banned gam this.

According to Netizens there is no need to banned game the. Because the one who made the game that destroyed the cube was not the developer of the Fortnite.

Epic Games also gave a direct response to this viral news. They provide clarification on the viral youtube video. Epic Games has investigated videos outstanding. They say that the videos circulating are user-generated.

Because games It has a Creative Mode which allows users to edit or create their own game modes. This clarification was delivered directly by Epic Games on their official Facebook page.

Epic Games regrets this incident. But they say the user directly makes the mode. Until now there has been no further information on the news either from Fortnite or from the Minister of Communication and Information.

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