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Is it true that Call of Duty: Vanguard will collaborate with Attack of Titan?

Recently the world’s netizens were shocked by the news of the latest collaboration leaks. The thing that makes this a scene is because Call of Duty: Vanguard is rumored to be doing a crossover with the famous anime Attack of Titan by Isayama Hajime.

Actually this collaboration has not been officially announced by both parties. This news emerged because one of the leaker Call of Duty ie Nanikos revealed his latest invention on Twitter.

Leaks from Nanikos

Nanikos’ Twitter account posted a photo of his find in memory dumps for Call of Duty: Vanguard. In the uploaded photo, you can see a source code reads Swordtitan and Aot_Titan.

Of course this gives rise to several theories which suggest that games This phenomenal will collaborate with Attack of Titan. Nanikos also said that this news might get some clarity in December.

He revealed that the characters in Attack of Titan could be played on the games.

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Zesty Leaks

Nanikos was not the only one who gave a leak. One of leaker Another Call of Duty account named Zesty also revealed his findings for Vanguard.

He said that he found a lot updates at Vanguard. A number of code indicates there will be additional atomic strings, diamond strings and gold strings for each weapon that is in games.

Zesty also discovered that there is a kind of melee weapon that is a sword that is not a Katana codenamed AOT_Sword. However, Zesty revealed once again that this was just a theory. Because AOT is very closely related to the Attack on Titan anime by Isayama Hajime.

This can happen and is not impossible. Because Call of Duty itself has often collaborated with film and famous actors. For example Rambo, Die Hard, John McClane and Judge Dredd.

Para leaker it does provide fairly authentic data. But keep in mind, a leak is still a leak. Gamers must wait for an official statement before trusting it completely. IDGameWare will continue to monitor this news and provide information as soon as possible if any updates the latest from Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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