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If M2 World Championship 2022 is held They Will Use This System!

If the 2022 M2 World Championship is held they will most likely use This system!

Previously, the M2 World Championship as the highest Mobile Legends tournament in 2022 was still unclear whether it would be held or not.

This is due to the corona virus outbreak that is currently engulfing the entire world, including in Indonesia.

The M2 World Championship 2022 itself had previously been determined some time ago which was planned to be held in Indonesia, precisely in Jakarta.

However, due to the corona virus outbreak which began to spread at the end of 2022 throughout the world, including Indonesia, the plan to carry out the M2 World event was threatened with being canceled, just like other online international events.

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Why this event can be canceled because all participants come from various countries in the world and it makes the network when playing becomes unstable.

The only way to be able to carry out this event is offline or you have to come directly so that the network when playing is stable.

However, due to the current corona outbreak, it is impossible to do this and there is only one way to make it happen.

This method is if M2 2022 implements the system implemented by Worlds 2022 which imitates the NBA system, namely the bubble-hub system.

In a system where one place allows participants to be gathered and local authorities can see, check and maintain the health of players, staff and other parties involved in the success of an event.

What do you think, spinners, will Moonton implement this system in the M2 World Championship later?

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