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HyperX Specter Eyewear, Radiation and UV Protective Gaming Glasses

HyperX Specter Eyewear is a pair of glasses specially made for the gamers. These glasses aim to make para gamer comfortable and protected from radiation and UV rays that can damage the eyes.

Lenses from HyperX Specter Eyewear are capable of filtering blue light, reducing the effects of eye strain, avoiding blurred vision due to eye fatigue.

The premium lenses of these glasses are designed to be extremely clear to reduce color distortion. With these glasses, gamer will get playing experience games which is much better.

HyperX Specter Eyewear Specifications

Lenses from HyperX Specter Eyewear are made of polycarbonate. For eye size 54 mm, size bridge 18 mm and length temple 131 mm. There are several frame materials used by these glasses depending on the type of glasses.

For the Specter Scout and Specter Mission types, the frame is made from TR-90. Meanwhile, Specter Steal React is made of Ultem. The other two types are Specter Stealth and Specter 1st Edition Acetate frames. For Specter Stealth there are optional material that is stainless steel.

Key Features of These Glasses

Because these glasses are specifically for the gamers, Of course HyperX Specter Eyewear is able to protect from radiation and UV rays. The lenses of these glasses are able to filter incoming blue light, thereby reducing eye fatigue due to playing games too long.

In addition, the lenses of these glasses are crystal clear and anti-reflective. So even though gamer wearing glasses, but the colors displayed remain alive or like without using glasses.

Interesting frames and bridges of these glasses have been specially designed. So even if you use headphones, glasses will not interfere with comfort. How? Interested in replacing old glasses gamer with a really special maintain comfort in playing games?

HyperX Specter Eyewear Price

Glasses gaming this one can gamer buy it on Amazon for $ 99 or Rp 1.3. In addition, there are many choices of models and colors that you can choose gamer choose. Every purchase gamer will get a hard tote for the case of glasses and microfiber pouches.

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