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How to Overcome the Error "Secondary Verification" Feature in Mobile Legends?

How to Overcome the Error “Secondary Verification” Feature in Mobile Legends? Some time ago Moonton made a small update in their game.

This small update is in the form of the presence of a new feature in the Mobile Legends game, which is said to make our account unable to be hacked by people.

To activate this feature is also very easy, you can open this link for the detailed way!

Then after Moonton presented this feature, the players immediately tried what are the real benefits of this latest feature?

Many players try and immediately practice it by switching accounts on the same/different smartphone.

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But instead of them responding well to the benefits of this feature, they even made insults, complaints and other negative comments for Moonton, especially on this feature.

Why is that so?

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Secondary Verification, Mobile Legends Marsha

Secondary Verification Error feature?

It turns out that the Secondary Verification feature of Mobile Legends itself is still not optimal, this is evident from the many players who have tried this feature and immediately complained.

After they activate this feature, then login on another cellphone, Moonton should send a code in the email to login on the other cellphone.

But instead the code was not sent by Moonton, sometimes even a new code was sent a few hours after we asked for the verification code.

How to overcome?

If you are experiencing this problem, actually there is still no effective way to solve it. You have to wait for Moonton to fix this.

But now this feature itself seems to have been removed by Moonton or is being fixed by them.

You can change your Mobile Legends account again as much as you want without having to verify your email first.

But in the future it is not impossible that this feature will be presented again to Mobile Legends.

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