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How to Get a Snow Doom FF Katana Easily

Melee weapon is one of the weapons in Free Fire. Not infrequently, various Melee weapons become combat tools used by many players. Well, one of the most widely used Melee weapons is the Katana. The latest, there is the Snow Doom FF Katana Skin which is present at the Faded Wheel event.

Of course, this is happy news for Free Fire players. The reason is, this FF Katana Skin is the Katana Skin that Garena presents for the New Age Free Fire event. So, want to know how to get it? It’s best if you read this article to the end.

Snow Doom FF Katana Skin Review

Katana Snow Doom Ff
Katana Snow Doom | Funda

Previously, we gave a leak regarding the appearance of the Snow Doom Katana Skin a few days ago. And now finally, the Katana Skin can be present on Free Fire through the Faded Wheel event. According to our previous discussion, this Katana Skin comes in two color displays, namely red and white.

The color symbolizes the snow atmosphere that is currently taking place in many countries around the world. As usual, Skin Katana FF always has cool effects that can spoil the eyes of the players.

You can get this Katana Skin on August 1, 2022. Its presence has been eagerly awaited by Free Fire players. Well, below we have provided the steps to get it.


How to get it

Katana Snow Doom FF 2
Katana Snow Doom | Funda

As we said at the beginning. The Snow Doom FF katana skin is present in the Luck Royale Faded Wheel event. The way to get the FF Katana Skin is very easy. Because you only need to do Spin in the Faded Wheel event. You also need to prepare quite a lot of Diamonds.

The reason is, to do Spin, you need Diamond. The following are the provisions that you must understand in the Faded Wheel FF event.

  • First, you can throw away 2 gifts that you don’t want. That way your chances of winning the main prize will be even greater.
  • The first spin requires 9 Diamonds.
  • The Spin price will increase as more Spins are made.
  • If you are lucky, you can get the main prize with only 9 Diamonds.
  • However, from Spin 1-7, you haven’t gotten the prize, you will get it in the last Spin, which is the 8th.

Well, those are the conditions that you must understand before you can get the Snow Doom Katana Skin at the Faded Wheel event.

Thus the discussion on how to get the Snow Doom FF Katana Skin easily. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Continue to visit Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.