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How to Get Rare Shirt Skins in PUBG Mobile for Free!

How to Get Rare Shirt Skins in PUBG Mobile for Free! In the PUBG Mobile game there are lots of exclusive items that players can get easily.

These exclusive items are divided into several categories such as clothes, weapon skins, vehicle skins, parachute skins and many others.

There are even some exclusive items that can only be obtained in certain ways, those items are usually referred to by players as rare items.

What are the Rare Items in PUBG Mobile?

There are so many rare items/skins in the PUBG Mobile game, such as DMM T-shirts, Kakao T-shirts, Gold Plate – S686, Shark Bite – Kar98k and many others.

These rare/premium items can only be obtained in a certain way or during the event.

If the event period has expired, the player’s opportunity to get it does not exist unless PUBG Mobile holds a special event.

But lately many people/players say that they can get one of the rare items easily and for free.

Then how can players get these rare items for free, without spending the slightest UC?

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With Midasbuy Website

What is Midasbuy? UC PUBG Mobile official seller website.

Reported from IndosportMidasbuy has partnered with Tencent and is currently running a promotional offer for players, where players can claim a set of Cool Cat outfits worth 200 UC for free.

How to?

First, players must visit the website, Midasbuy and register your email address.

Then link your PUBG Mobile account on the site.

After successful registration, the website will send the costume to your respective PUBG Mobile mailbox.

You will receive a gift in the form of a Cool Cat costume set worth 200 UC for free.

It’s easy, spinners, how to get rare skins/items for free on PUBG Mobile? Just practice!

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