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How to Get a Psycho Maniac Bundle on Free Fire (FF) Birthday!

How to Get a Psycho Maniac Bundle on Free Fire (FF) Birthday!

At the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary event, Garena held an event called Time Capsule. This event is very interesting for FF players who are happy to get really cool skin bundles!

The reason is, at the Time Capsule Booyah Merdeka event, Spinners have the opportunity to get a very popular bundle, namely the Psycho Maniac Bundle.

About Psycho Maniac Bundle

For Spinners who don’t know, from the name, Bundle Pyscho Maniac is inspired by the DC comic character Joker, where the character wears carnival clothes and has face paint.

Like the Joker’s popularity among film and comics lovers, this also applies to the Psycho Maniac bundle which is famous among FF players.

With a unique style, and intimidating face paint, it’s no wonder that many FF players flock to the Time Capsule event to get the bundle.

And if you are interested in getting this bundle, it’s very easy!

How to get the Psycho Maniac bundle

To get the bundle, you need a Blue Chip first. This Blue Chip can then be used to spin the Time Capsule so you can get the Psycho Maniac bundle.

Blue Chips can be collected by doing several missions and events during Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary, here are the details:

  • Complete the Exploration mission (13-30 August)
  • Map Dropeach game players get a maximum of 3 Blue Chips (13-30 August)
  • Aftermatch Drop (22 August)

If you have collected the Blue Chip you need, you can immediately rush to the Time Capsule and test your luck to get the Psycho Maniac Bundle.

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This Time Capsule event will take place from August 13 to August 30, 2022, so don’t forget to try this event!

Here’s how to get the Psycho Maniac bundle on Free Fire (FF) 3rd anniversary! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!