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How to Create the Latest VK Mobile Legends Account 2022!

How to Create the Latest VK Mobile Legends Account 2022! If you play the Mobile Legends game, the first thing you should do is link your account to avoid losing your account/deleting account.

Usually, to link your Mobile Legends account, you must have a Facebook account, moonton account, vk account and so on first.

The goal is to link the account in addition to avoiding account loss, this also serves to make it easier for you to log in if one day you switch devices / cellphones.

Apart from that, this time we will discuss how to create a VK account in Mobile Legends, which many people still don’t know about.

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VK Mobile Legends account
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What is a VK Account?

VK itself is a social media networking site such as Facebook, Instagram or the like.

It’s just that this social media site is the most used social media in Russia as reported by Wikipedia.

To register is also quite easy, just like we register on other social media.

Register Via Browser

You just have to go to the website Official VK and fill in the column name, date of birth, gender and others correctly. Then enter your cellphone number that has not been registered with a VK account, and wait for an SMS notification from VK, then enter the code from the SMS and it works.

Link VK Account in Mobile Legends

Then the last thing is to link the VK account that you created in your Mobile Legends account by opening your profile, going to the bottom settings tab, bind account / link account, then login with the VK account that you created and log in.

That’s how to create the latest VK Mobile Legends account 2022! What do you think spinners are very easy, right?

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