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How to Change ML Account from Android to Iphone (IOS) or vice versa!

How to Change ML Account from Android to Iphone (IOS) or vice versa! Mobile Legends can now be said to be the most favorite MOBA game in Indonesia.

This game has a very high and active community in Indonesia, the gameplay of Mobile Legends itself is very easy to understand.

There are so many other interesting things in this game, one of which is being able to switch accounts for more than 1 account.

Regarding this, it is also possible for those of you who are still questioning whether Mobile Legends can change accounts from Android to Iphone (IOS)? The answer is yes.

In the past, it was true that it could not be moved because these two smartphone systems were different.

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But now Mobile Legends is modern in 2022, players can switch accounts from Android to Iphone (IOS) or from Iphone (IOS) to Android at will.

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Here we provide a video on how to change accounts from one device to another, you can see the video below!

The point in the video, how to move Mobile Legends account from Android to Iphone (IOS) 2022 you can follow the steps below!

  1. Open the Mobile Legend game on the old device/smartphone.
  2. Open your Mobile Legends profile.
  3. Go to the account settings tab
  4. Make sure your ML account is linked to a facebook account, moonton account, VK account and others. If not, link it first.
  5. Open facebook via browser (not app) on new smartphone device.
  6. Login to the facebook account that is already associated with your ML account.
  7. If you have, don’t logout immediately open the Mobile Legend game.
  8. Go to profile, and then go to settings and log in (switch accounts) from there.

How do spinners now know this easy thing?

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