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Here's Kido's Clarification Regarding His Photo In Evos Legends Uniform!

Here’s Kido’s Clarification Regarding His Photo In Evos Legends Uniform! One of the best Mobile Legends players in Indonesia, namely Joshua Priatama or who we are familiar with by the name of Kido some time ago it was known that he would not be playing in the MPL ID Season 6 event with Genflix Aerowolf. Although the team itself did not announce this, we can find out from the roster announcements for each team announced by MPL Indonesia some time ago through their Instagram account!

Regarding this, immediately rumors that Kido will change teams are sticking out. Whereas previously the rumors had died down, but because of this, the rumors came back to the public and became a hot topic for Mobile Legends fans in Indonesia.

What is this rumor we are talking about? The rumor is that Kido is said to be a part of Evos Legends in the upcoming MPL ID Season 6. But before playing for their first team, Kido is rumored to be joining Evos and playing first with their MDL team.

In fact, Evos fans wanted this rumor to come true, someone who uploaded a photo of Kido has been officially announced by Evos on their ML Academy. You can see the photo below and of course this photo immediately became the talk of Evos fans and also other Mobile Legends game lovers.

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Kido Genflix Aerowolf, Evos Kido

Regarding this, the SPIN Esports directly ask for clarification with Kido directly when contacted by the party SPIN Esports via Instagram DM, Kido replied that the photo was a hoax. Furthermore, we asked him how busy he is now after it was discovered that he did not play in MPL ID Season 6 with Genflix Aerowolf.

“I’m busy now, just live streaming, bro, I’m still thinking about the future,” Kido said briefly, concisely and clearly to SPIN Esports

So the spinner has explained that the photo is a hoax and Kido himself said that he is currently busy with the live streaming! Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!