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Here are the EVOS Legends Core Squad Candidates in MPL ID Season 6!

Here are the EVOS Legends Core Squad Candidates in MPL ID Season 6! Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 will soon begin, on August 14, 2022. MPL Indonesia Instagram has also announced a team with their respective roster that will compete in MPL ID Season 6.

But it’s still a secret who will be the core squad of each team that competes in MPL ID Season 6. One of the most interesting teams to look forward to regarding which player will be demoted is EVOS Legends, because whether it’s Bajan, Pendragon or Zeys which will later become the core squad of EVOS Legends in MPL ID Season 6.

EVOS Legends Core Squad

It can be seen from the photo above that in the past few days EVOS Legends has been playing with this rotation of roles and players. Interestingly, REKT and Wannn will swap roles, where REKT will become HyperCarry and Wannn will be the sidelane.

The other sidelane is Pendragon, who had previously been replaced by Bajan in the Mytel International Championship. But what’s even more interesting is the presence of Clover, who is an EVOS Legends MDL player as a tank to replace Zeys. It seems that he will be promoted quickly to play in MPL ID Season 6 with EVOS Legends.

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EVOS Legends MPL ID Season 6 Core Squad

So if we conclude from the last few matches of the EVOS Legends squad, a roster is formed like this:

  • REKT = HyperCarry
  • Wannn= Sidelane
  • Pendragon = Sidelane
  • Clover = Tank
  • Rexxy = Mage/Support

What do you think about spinners with a composition like the one above, can they break the dominance of Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) and beat other teams? Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook our!