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GTA Online Presents Los Santos Map

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is games all time loved by everyone. Starting from small children to adults like games this. One of their most iconic series is GTA San Andreas. To evoke past memories. Rockstar Games presents the city of Los Santos which is the hallmark of the GTA San Andreas series.

If the currently famous GTA V features shooting action and scene big robbery. GTA San Andreas is well known for its gang wars and wild races of both cars and motorcycles.

Rockstar Game tries to bring back the memories of their fans to feel the thrill of war without a plan on the streets. GTA Online Los Santos Tuners will provide an action-packed experience. Even they give updates for existing new clubs as well as social spaces.

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The goal is that gamer can show off a private vehicle that has been gamer modification. In addition, Rockstar Game also provides other updates such as 10 new types of cars, new car modification shops, new types of races to new lifestyles.

In addition there is a Slamtruck mode that allows gamer win new cars every week. Update Release and Console

Updates This time the DLC is quite large. Because Rockstar Game not only provide new maps but also add some features. This DLC update has started on August 20, 2022. Some of the consoles that got this update are Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4.

For Playstation 4 the total DLC size is 3.6 GB. For Xbox One, the DLC size is 3.5 GB. As for the PC, the DLC size is 4.1 GB. If curious, gamer You can watch the snippet here.

In updates this consists of LS Car Meet, Membership LS Car Meet, new Races, Reputation System and 17 new cars. Besides that gamer can also make several new contracts, there are car shops, prisons to banks.

How to Get Started Updates GTA Online Los Santos Tuners

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Please go to Cypress Flat in the city area marked above and move to the graffiti warehouse. Don’t worry, there is no description for that place. If gamer already installed updates on respective consoles.

Gamers will get a text message from LS Car Meet inviting gamer join. Gamers will see the LS icon on the map later. Please go there and start updates latest Los Santo Turners.

Later there will be an LS Car Meet membership with a value of $ 50,000 to be paid. After gamer become a member there are several auto shops that appear. In that shop too gamer can register to take part in the race.

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