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Giring Nidji Hopes There Will Be a Surprise at the 2022 Menpora eSports Cup!

As we previously knew, there is currently an event called the Menpora eSports Cup 2022 which competes with the Mobile Legends game.

In the event, there were very many participants and perhaps one of the factors that made it happen was because registration was free.

The registration period has also been closed since some time ago, where he said the number of registrants reached thousands of participants.

But only a few passed and the rest had to try again next year or at the next event.

Regarding this, of course, all of you already know that the Menpora Cup is an official tournament from the direct government.

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Menpora Esports Cup 2020

The tournament was created by the government to develop the potential of eSports in Indonesia and as an eSports sporting event behind the COVID-19 pandemic that is still hitting Indonesia.

Regarding this, Giring Ganesha, as the Chief Executive of this year’s Menpora eSports Cup, is looking forward to the surprises that will be presented at the 2022 Menpora eSports Cup.

“I hope this event is full of surprises, it can be a junior or senior high school that passes to the grand final, because in addition to bringing the name of the school, it also brings the name of the region,” said Giring as quoted by Antara. Indosports.

It is true that the participants who took part in this event were mostly junior high school students, high school students, and university students.

Therefore, it is hoped that this tournament will be very exciting and participants from junior high schools can succeed against participants from high school or higher.

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