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Genshin Impact Soon to Release Jean and Barbara's First Skin

Genshin Impact looks like it will surprise the players. After being released on Android, IOS, Windows & PlayStation 4 platforms last year on September 28, 2022. miHoYo as developer and publisher games Genshin Impact gave a surprise by releasing its first skin in the 1.6 update later.

Action RPG with concept Open World it was very successful in its first release. Tells the story of a world called Teyvat, the travelers (as the players are called) are the chosen people who are given the power of elements in the form of vision by the patron god Archon.

Travelers are required to explore the world in search of his missing brother. In his adventure, the Traveler will meet characters with different strengths to become partners and reveal the real truth in Genshin Impact.

This 1.6 update leaked information was first revealed by Project Celestia on his twitter. Project Celestia previously also leaked about events Hangout Noelle & Diona, Yanfei’s new name card and character. So the possibility of accurate leaks of this information is true.

On August 8, 2022, Project Celestia made a tweet in the form of an image of a new skin with a beach theme. Identical to the summer theme and drawn written Jean & Barbara as characters available for this skin.

Suddenly this made Travelers excited, less than an hour his twitter was immediately flooded with replies and retweets from Travelers. It’s possible that this skin is still under development. Of course there will be improvements so that there are elements that are added or even removed after the official release later.

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Project Celestia revealed that this leaked information was obtained from the latest client data from Genshin Impact. Until now, miHoYo as a developer and publisher has not provided an official statement regarding the leaked information on this latest skin update.

Let’s see if the new skins for Jean and Barbara will actually be updated this summer or not. Wow, I’m afraid this skin will actually be withdrawn by miHoYo because of leaked information. We just pray that there will be no withdrawals, Traveler.

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