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Genshin Impact Free To Play Action RPG Review With Lots of Content

After a few days of not skipping the Genshin Impact login, it’s time for us to give a Genshin Impact review, for you. For those of you who don’t know, Genshin Impact is a game action RPG free to play with co-op and gacha features. If we look at it at a glance, this game has a similar environment to the game Breath of the Wild. But you only have a little skill set. Even so you can use 4 characters in one squad which you can replace in the middle of a fight.

Similar to Breath of the Wild but still unique

Many say Genshin Impact is similar to Breath of the Wild and it’s not wrong. There are many similarities that this game has when compared to games Nintendo Switch that famous. The stamina system used for sprint and climbing clearly similar to Breath of the Wild. Even when you explore, you will feel the similarities to some region. However, this game has its own charm with art style inspired by anime.

System squad characters and elements

As mentioned earlier, you will make squad consisting of 4 people with their own uniqueness. Each character can only use one type of element. These elements can interact with each other and create certain effects. For example, fire and lightning will cause an explosive effect or water and ice will cause a freezing effect. This game places great emphasis on the use of elemental effects to make your battles easier. But the use of elements that can be mixed with essence is what is one of the attractions of this game.

Leveling characters, weapons, artifacts and talents

Like games with gacha characters, each character has their own individual level. These characters also have equipment slots or so-called artifacts. This artifact also has levels and can beupgrade to be more useful. Same with artifacts, each character has a weapon with a specific type that can only be used by each character. To become more powerful, this weapon also needs to beupgrade. One more thing, each character also has talents that can be upgraded. This talent is a skill set that is owned by each character. By making-upgrade talent, the character will become even more powerful.

Wish, gacha mechanic in this game

The gacha in this game is called Wish. To get a magical character you can only have it if you wish. Some magic weapons are only obtained from wishing. However, for those of you who are modest, don’t worry, you can still wish by collecting Primogems in the game. For sultans who like luxury, you can also burn your money to buy more Wish opportunities and become a character collector.

Multi-platform and cross-platform

With a wah cool artstyle, this game runs smoothly on all platforms even on Android and iOS. Even if you want to hang out with friends, you can play without platform restrictions. Even though co-op sometimes lags a bit, the co-op gameplay has another unique interest. For co-op dungeons you are not allowed to use the same character while for co-op on the world map it is free. To get the maximum effect you have to take into account the characters used by your friends.

Resin, energy for high level farm

There is one thing that is a problem for us. If you have reached AR 30+ this Resin limit will be quite disturbing your playing experience. Resin or energy to take this dungeon/boss/event prize does automatically increase in realtime every 10 minutes. For those of you who need to farm upgrade materials or money, this will be an obstacle because each dungeon requires 20 resin and each boss/event requires 40/60 resin. Meanwhile, to fully charge the resin you need 120 times 8 minutes or 16 hours. Therefore you seem to have to wait a few days to bless your character.

Overall, this Genshin Impact review is beyond the expectations of many people for the level of the game free to play. Although there are some shortcomings, this game is only a few days old and developer will also add content, features, and bug fix to make the game more enjoyable. For more information, click here