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Garuda League is held again for October and November.

eagle league

Starting from August 2022 and still running until now. The initial purpose of this tournament was to meet the competitive needs of players in the country. Until now, it was unexpected that the teams that participated in the Garuda League were teams that had skills that dared to be compared to the current professional team.

With the skills of the teams participating in the Garuda League, automatically interesting spectacles are presented every day. No wonder the hype will be this big, the enthusiasm is extraordinary from the participants who are thirsty for competitive esports events and don’t forget the audience from the Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire communities who participated in this event.

Several dramas and clashes between teams occurred during this time which made the atmosphere of the competition even hotter. In terms of competition, it is very tight when viewed from the standings table, everyone is struggling to get points, trying to be number one.

For those who want to register, view standings or want to know more information, please visit the official website at

Presented by IESCE (Indonesia Esports Contest Event) and sponsored by FUN88 with the basic aim of making the domestic esports ecosystem more advanced and fulfilling the enthusiasm of esports activists in the country.

IESCE was founded in 2022, is an esports competition organizer that consistently presents tournaments from various games.

Contact Information:
Katon Priambodo, Chair of IESCE.
Email :
No. HP : 083838737905
Website :