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G Challenge Logitech Collaboration with McLaren Creates Virtual Racing Competition

McLaren seems to be intensively collaborating with Video Games. After previously they collaborated with PUBG Mobile. Now Logitech is collaborating with McLaren to create the G Challenge.

The G Challenge is a virtual racing event targeted at sports car enthusiasts and amateur racing. The official season of the competition has started on 1 August 2022.

Format G Challenge

This year the competition is divided into three divisions, namely Open Wheel, Stock Car and Sport Car Racing. Winners from these three divisions will be awarded a trip to the city of London at full cost.

They will visit the McLaren Technology Center, McLaren driver Lando Norris will train live and watch the F1 GP in a VIP seat. The Grand Final of the G Challenge will be held in Las Vegas on August 15, 2022.

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In the fourth competition this time. Logitech and McLaren make slightly different formats. They will host a celebrity tournament that will compete in the Stock Car and Open Wheel divisions. Interestingly the American, William Byron, and McLaren’s, Lando Norris, will be the captains of the two competing teams.

The G Challenge competition is open to the public and you can register directly on their official website here.

Seeing the success of the G Challenge last year, of course, the fourth competition this time will not be less exciting. They will also broadcast the race live so that fans and amateur racing lovers alike can feel the thrill of the race.

Of course, this collaboration is not only a tool to bring in many viewers. But the decision to make this race event became a new trend later. There are many opportunities that open up thanks to this competition.

Sports car enthusiasts, amateur racers, and even professionals can compete in this event. They provide equal opportunity for everyone to participate and win the competition.

For McLaren and Logitech this competition can provide new entertainment. Each participant can bring joy and fun to the audience or sports car lovers and amateur racing lovers.