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Funny Bugs and Glitches in eFootball Just Released

Recently Konami launched games their newest. eFootball which aims to replace PES is predicted to be games best for sports category. Last month Konami also revealed roadmap them for eFootball.

Unfortunately, this launch actually got a tantrum from fans because bugs and glitch which Konami never noticed. Even games this is getting rating worst in Steam history on PC. Anything glitch that many players find in games this?


Wojciech Szczęsny Cosplay
glitch The most famous

In response to this, Konami immediately gave an official statement at Twitter they. Konami said that they fully accepted the criticism from fans. They said that they would soon fix regarding bugs and glitch which exists.

Many fans have questioned Konami’s performance against games this. Even though Konami has changed their engine to Unreal Engine 4, it turns out that the visual appearance presented is very disappointing.

In addition, the fans also disappointed that Konami didn’t keep their promise to show gameplay sharper one. What do you guys think? gamers? Continue to follow IDGameWare to get interesting information about games and hardware.