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From PC to Mobile RuneScape Releases In August

Runescape is an MMO based on an open world where each player is free to be whatever they want. This game was first released in 2001. Over the past 20 years this MMO has greatly evolved in terms of gameplay and storyline.

RuneScape has recently been released on the Steam platform and has received very positive average user ratings. Now they are back in the world by releasing it on the mobile platform. There is no certainty when exactly this game will be released. Although there is no certainty as to the exact release date of this game, it is estimated that RuneScape will be released on August 17th.

Interestingly, Jagex as developer Applying system cross play so that players can adjust the progress of the game with the desktop version. No need to worry, RuneScape mobile has been optimized and has a lightweight interface that makes the game run smoothly on the mobile platform.