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Free Fire Launches Cool Animated Video To Celebrate Indonesian Independence

Free Fire Launches Cool Animated Video To Celebrate Indonesian Independence. 7 days from now, Indonesia will enter the age of 75 years after pledging independence on August 17, 1945, through many struggles against the invaders.

We must celebrate this moment in memory of the heroes who have fought for the independence of Indonesia. However, apparently not only celebrated by the people of Indonesia, one of the popular game developers in Indonesia, namely Garena, also enlivened it.

Garena Free Fire released a video to enliven the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, which was uploaded to the Garena Free Fire Indonesia YouTube account on August 8, 2022.

In the promotional video, there is a story about a person named Abhimanyu who has a grandfather as one of Indonesia’s freedom fighters. The video also explains the differences in the struggle to fight for the name of Indonesia in the past and today.

Abhimanyu was also shown using a Free Fire character inspired by an Indonesian actor, namely Jota, when he was conducting a tournament and managed to win the tournament.

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Free Fire Video of Indonesian Independence
Photo via: Garena Free Fire Indonesia

Basically, the purpose of this Free Fire video to celebrate Indonesian Independence is that the struggle to make Indonesia proud can be done in many ways.

One of them is to become a Free Fire pro player who carries the name of the Indonesian nation in the international Free Fire competitive realm, so that the name of Indonesia can be widely known as the best country in Free Fire.

What do you think about the video spinners presented by Garena to enliven Indonesia’s Independence Day? is it good or normal? give your opinion! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!