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Free Fire Birthday, Share 26 FF Characters?

Free Fire Birthday, Love 26 FF Characters?

Soon, we will all be celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Free Fire! The battle royale game has gained very high popularity, especially among FF players in Indonesia.

Interestingly, FF’s third birthday comes in the same month, August, with Indonesia’s 75th independence day. To celebrate these two big days, Garena has decided to give FF players a big gift!

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event

Free Fire . birthday

Booyah Merdeka and Free Fire 3rd Anniversary are 2 big events happening simultaneously in Indonesia today. And one of the most interesting events that Garena will present is the FF character trial card sharing event.

As reported by Free Fire will hold a 26 character FF trial card event where players can try FF characters that you haven’t had for 7 days.

How to get a FF character trial card

To get the trial card, the method is very easy, you only need to login on 3 specific dates, and you will get the trial card.

This is a complete list of the dates you have to login and what characters you can get:

Login date August 13get 7 trial card character attacker:

  • Hayato
  • Wolfrahh
  • Miguel
  • Laura
  • Rafael
  • Antonio
  • A124
  • Andrew
  • Shani

Login date August 19get 7 Charger character trial cards:

  • Joseph
  • Kelly
  • Kla
  • Jota
  • Wukong
  • Caroline
  • Nikita
  • Misha

Login date August 25get 7 Scout character trial cards:

  • Moco
  • Kapella
  • Alvaro
  • Paloma
  • Notora
  • Steffie
  • Maxim
  • Ford
  • Olivia

This trial card event is somewhat similar to the free FF character distribution event that Garena held in India. But the difference is that in India, FF players will get 1 FF character of their choice permanently, while in Indonesia, players will get 3 FF characters, but only for 7 days each.

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This is the event for giving out FF character trial cards on Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary! Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook our!