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Free Fire Banned 4 Million Cheaters Accounts Last Week!

Free Fire Banned 4 Million Cheaters Accounts Last Week!

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game in Indonesia. The game encourages players to learn a more different style of play than other games.

This popularity certainly makes FF vulnerable to cheaters. Many players want to find an easy way to get Booyah, and often they end up using illegal programs as cheats to lighten their load.

Free Fire is still facing cheaters

Free Fire, which is now approaching the age of 3 years, still cannot be separated from many cheaters. Of course this is not rare to happen, especially for games based on Free-to-Play.

However, in 2022, Garena has taken firm action against cheaters or users of illegal programs. Last month alone, the Free Fire anti-hack team has banned 1 million cheater accounts!

Garena is massively Banned!

Free Fire banned cheaters

Augustbe Spinners feel that the number is already very large, but last week, Garena could be said to have gone berserk! They and the FF anti-hack team have just banned 4,662,711 accounts

Garena no longer plays with cheaters on Free Fire and promises to do whatever it takes to make the battle royale game free of cheating.

One of the steps that Garena has taken to stem this is by banning all kinds of third-party applications from being used to play Free Fire!

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“Cheaters who are caught for using modified scripts/programs will immediately be permanently banned,” the Free Fire Indonesia account stated in their Instagram post.

“We also hope and want to remind all Survivors not to log into Free Fire using unlicensed applications.”

FF players can only play their games through the official Garena application, so third-party applications such as Diamond Generator or even GFX tools can make your FF account permanently banned!

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