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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Released This Year

Augustbe Square Enix really wants to spoil its fans. One of Tetsuya Nomura’s flagship games, Final Fantasy VIII, is scheduled to be released this year. This answers the long wait for 20 years, previously other final fantasy series such as IX, X, XII have been remastered. The game itself will be released on platforms such as Mobile, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam. It’s quite surprising because this game will be released on multiple platforms such as mobile and Xbox. Graphic enhancements will also be carried out according to the specifications of each platform.

This game, which is famous for the song Eyes on Me, is guaranteed to provide new choices for gamers who want to reminisce. the remastered version will still maintain the old gameplay, which is turn based, different from Final Fantasy VII which has new gameplay. So are you ready to repeat Rinoa and Squall’s romance? or curious to see gunblade and guardian force that have improved graphics?