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Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer is on RUFUS Shinra!

final fantasy VII remake final trailer idgameware

Exactly 7 days before the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake launched the final trailer in English through the Playstation youtube account. Square Enix also launched a trailer of this game for the Japanese version on Square Enix’s youtube account. Opening with a dialogue between Aerith and Cloud at a playground in this trailer, there are several iconic scenes. One of them is Cloud’s fight with a robot while riding a motorbike which is very cool. This trailer also shows the appearance of Aerith’s mother in HD (finally). What’s interesting is that we finally get to see what Rufus Shinra and their fight scenes look like in this trailer, and there’s also a snippet of Sephiroth but not the whole face. One of the most interesting things that happens at the end of the trailer is that Zack’s shoes appear at the end of the trailer. It’s worth waiting for if there is an element of surprise given by Square Enix in Final Fantasy VII Remake, will Zack’s portion be added? Stay tune because on August 10 you can start playing part 1 of this game on Playstation 4. For those who haven’t played, you can also download the demo on Playstation 4.

Here is the Final Fantasy VII Remake final trailer in English

Here is the Japanese version of the game trailer