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FIFA 22 Officially Released October 1, Mbappe Becomes Game Cover

Games sports category that every year is awaited by gamers is FIFA 22. Games made by Electronic Sports and EA Sports, the fans will never run out. This year will be a big year for games FIFA.

The developers of FIFA 22 provide massive development for games which they will release soon. There have been many important changes made and it will probably be the most awaited moment when they release for PS5.

Kylian Mbappe will be the cover icon games FIFA 22. This is the second time he has been on the cover games made by Electronic Arts Sports.

FIFA 22 Release Date and Platform

FIFA 22 will officially release on October 1, 2022 for PC, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series, X/S and Switch. Games It also has several editions. The standard edition will cost around $59.99 and you can get a discount if you pre-order.

In addition to the standard edition there is also an Ultimate Edition. There are additional features such as 4 days early access, 4600 FIFA Points, FUT Hero if ordered Pre-order until August 11, 2022. For the Ultimate Edition costs $ 89.99.

What is enough to become a polemic is that you can’t do it updates for the standard edition. Unlike FIFA 21 which can be updated to any version. Besides that, there is no double access for platform other.

So for example gamers bought FIFA 22 for PS4. Gamers can only use access rights on PS4, if you want to use it on PS5 you have to buy it again. However, this provision is only for the standard edition. For Ultimate Edition still have double access.

It looks like EA Sports is directing its fans to buy the Ultimate Edition.

So far there is only one trailers related official games this. The EA Sport Youtube channel provides an Official Reveal Trailer which is quite curious. Because in the snippet trailers there’s only Kylian Mbappe’s physique shown inside games.

Features, other players, skills and so on have not been seen. Of course, this makes the gamers increasingly curious and a little excited because I want to see what improvisations FIFA 22 has to offer. While doing Pre-Orders and waiting games this release. Augustbe it’s good for upgrade your deck with a special monitor from Huawei to support playing activities games.