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FIFA 21 Release Date and Gameplay Update

fifa 21 idgameware

EA as the publisher of FIFA, Maiden NFL, UFC and several well-known sports games announced the release date of FIFA 21. 9 October 2022 became the release date of this game. In addition to announcing a partnership with two Italian giants, Inter Milan and AC Milan, FIFA also displays its latest features. Agile Dribling, Creative Run, and Positioning Personality are the latest features of the gameplay.

Agile Dribbling is a new way from FIFA 21 to protect the ball when dribbling. This dribble is influenced by the agility, reaction and ball control of the players you use.

Creative Runs will make the AI ​​that we don’t control to move smarter in positioning itself between the opponent’s defense line. While Positioning personality is a feature similar to Creative Runs, but for a defensive position as well as building attack patterns. AI will move more disciplined like a world-class player in a defensive position and also initiate attacks.

The Volta feature introduced in FIFA 20 will experience the addition of a game arena, there will be 6 places and 23 new arenas that you can use later. In addition, the career mode will get new updates, namely Match Sharpness & Active Training and Schedule Planning. In addition, it is claimed that FIFA 21 will present an AI that will challenge your skills to play.

For the price of this game itself, it is priced at 849 thousand Rupiah for the standard edition and also 1.129 million Rupiah for the champions edition which is equipped with additional content and updates for FUT. This game will be released simultaneously on PS 4, Xbox, Switch and PC. Just choose where you want to buy it, guys and have fun playing.