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FFML 2022 Season 2 Day 3 Results, BTR Bit Dominates!!

Free Fire Major League (FFML) 2022 Season 2 is back in the second week. On matchday 3 today, all teams are fighting to raise their points

Looking at the matches of the previous week, on matchdays 1 & 2, Onic Olympus, Aura Esports, and Evos managed to occupy the top positions in each of their groups.

On this evening, Group B and Group C compete to defend their points, and take the top spot in each group.

Evos Esports and Aura Esports will struggle to maintain their points in today’s game.

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Here are the results of the match on Matchday 3:

Round 1 – Bermuda : Bigetron Bit

Round 2 – Purgatory : Bigetron Bit

Round 3 – Kalahari : Evos Esports

Round 4 – Bermuda : Red Bull Rebellion

Round 5 – Purgatory : RRQ Hades

Round 6 – Kalahari : Louvre King

What’s on Matchday 3 FFML Season 2?

Bigetron Bit began to show their serious way of playing. Last week Bigetron Bit showed off their very beautiful game with a total of 145 points under EVOS.

On matchday 3, BTR Bit got 2 Booyah in a row in round 1 and round 2.

Unfortunately, Bigetron is in 3rd position in Group C, followed by Red Bull Rebellion. Bigetron is in 5th position on matchday 3 with a total of 106 points.

The Red Bull Rebellion team also showed their efforts on matchday 3. This can be seen with the acquisition of the most points on matchday 3.

Red Bull Rebellion managed to collect a total of 152 points. Red Bull earned a total of 2 Booyah from the previous week, placing Red Bull in second place in Group C.

Evos Esports is no less exciting than other teams. Evos showed their skills with a total of 136 points, placing Evos in 2nd place on matchday 3.

Aura Esports and Evos Esports can still maintain their position at the top of their group.

Here are the points for each temporary group:

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FFML Season 2 will still continue on Sunday, December 16, 2022. Look forward to the match between Group A and Group C which already competed on Matchday 2 last week.

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