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FF DJ Alok Characters 60% Discount! This is the leak!

FF DJ Alok Characters 60% Discount! This is the leak!

On August 22, Free Fire will celebrate its 3rd birthday! So far, FF has held a lot of big events in the framework of the Anniversary.

There are so many free gifts that FF has given to FF players, including character trial cards so that players can try new FF characters without having to spend money.

Although this offer is very attractive, we all know, there is one character that all FF players want. Yep, that character is DJ Alok.

Even though you won’t find Alok in the trial card given by Free Fire, you can get Alok characters at a huge discount! Here are the details!

DJ Alok’s character is cheap!

DJ Alok FF Discount

From the title of our article, you must have known that DJ Alok’s character will receive a 67% discount!

The discount is rumored to start on August 22 (Free Fire’s birthday) and will end on August 26!

With the 67% discount, the original price of the DJ Alok character will drop from 599 Diamonds to only 199 Diamonds!

Alok is indeed a very famous FF character, not only because of the popularity of the original DJ Alok character himself, but because of his healing skills which are very useful in matches.

Because of that, many FF players have asked for a discount on the price of Alok’s character because 599 Diamond is indeed a fairly high price!

So if you want to keep getting better at playing FF, this is a golden opportunity for you.

The reason DJ Alok gets a discount

Actually, the reason why DJ Alok gets a discount is quite unique. Incidentally, the real DJ Alok will be celebrating his birthday on August 26th.

The funny thing is that Alok’s birthday is only 3 days after Free Fire’s third birthday.

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Augustbe that’s why Garena decided to give Alok a discount because Alok himself is a fan of FF!

Of course this is still a leak of information and there is a possibility that Alok’s discount schedule will change, but Spinners get ready, because this will be deal which is great for you!

Here’s the leaked information about the big discount for FF DJ alok character! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!