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Experience After Playing Pokemon Unite

Just recently Star Wars Hunters announced that mobile games their latest form of moba. This time there is games made by Tencent entitled Pokemon Unite was released in Indonesia with the same genre, namely moba.

The release of Pokemon Unite immediately made lovers games the homeland, especially those born in the 90s, are happy. Because Pokemon itself is very imprinted on people’s hearts, especially the 90s Force in the form of anime.

Presence games This not only provides entertainment in itself, but also many people who want to reminisce about their childhood. Pokemon Unite is currently released for mobile consoles namely Android and Ios as well as Nintendo Switch.

Look inside Games Pokemon Unite

For those of you who download games this, you will act like Ash in anime Pokemon. Gamers can make your own Pokemon Trainer character shape gamer like. In making a character there are several choices that can be made.

Gamers You can choose the gender of the Pokemon Trainer, besides that, skin color, hair style and facial expressions can also be adjusted according to your wishes gamers. At the start of character creation there are two free custom set options provided.

At level 1 gamer given the default Pokemon in the form of Pikachu. Please do practice and tutorials so that gamer can find out more how to play. Gamers You can collect as many Pokemon as you have, how to buy it at shop. There are two choices of how to buy, namely with coins that you get every time you complete a match, there are coupons that can be done with top up.

What’s interesting is that every Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer can be given attractive costumes. This costume can be obtained by purchasing at shop with coins. If gamer completing the given mission there are also prizes in the form of costumes for the trainer and the pokemon itself.

How to Play Pokemon Unite

There are two choices of modes to play, Normal Match and Ranked Match. Gamers can only play ranked matches if the level of the trainer is level 5 or more. In addition to being able to enter ranked mode gamer must have at least 5 pokemon.

IDGameWare is scary trainer to complete practice missions. Because if you complete the practice mission gamer will be able to get 4 additional pokemon and trainers to reach level 5. So the coins are gamer you can buy other types of pokemon.

How to Win

Unlike Mobile Legends, there are only two Pokemon Unite lane. The match has 10 minutes in the countdown. To win the match, each team of 5 people must score into the enemy zone.

In total there are 5 zones for each team. For the first zone it takes 40 Pokeballs to destroy it, the second zone requires 80 and the third zone requires 100 pokeballs. It takes a few seconds to be able to place a pokeball gamer into the enemy’s zone, when entering a pokeball there should be no disturbance at all.

In addition, every few minutes there is a monster in the middle position of the top and bottom map that can be defeated. The top monster will give effect to 20 pokeballs to the enemy’s goal, while the bottom monster will give defense buff the strong one.

In addition, at the very center of the map there will be the biggest monster which if gamer beat gives 50 pokeball to enemy zone. Monsters only appear 1 time in 1 game at the last minute.

If IDGameWare look, for Pokemon Unite meta requires 2 atacker close range and 2 attackers long distance. One more player can choose the type of Pokemon All—Round so that it can rotate throughout the map.

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