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Dying Light 2 Has Officially Announced Release Date

you like games zombies like Walking Dead ? But also like games parkour themed like Mirror Edge ? Dying Light 2 will satisfy both of your desires. Sequel to games which is titled the same Dying Light is very successful in the market before. Zombie themed with gameplay parkour is very popular gamers.

Previously Techland as a developer included games this is at the 2022 E3 event. But unfortunately due to Covid-19 games this was delayed. After being delayed for more than 2 years, Techland finally officially announced the release date games this.

This sequel tells the story of “The City” which is divided into several groups, the protagonist in games This name is Aiden Caldwell. Caldwell is a member of a group called the Pilgrims. Due to his missing relative several years ago, Caldwell finally aims to find him. In hopes of recovering his memories, he tries to find his relatives one by one clue to find out who he really is in his relatives.

With gameplay First Person Shooter (FPS) players can explore a vast city with parkour abilities. Games This is predicted to have a much wider map than the first series. Later you can fight and kill the corpses of the zombies in the city.

Just like the first series, the weather cycle will change automatically. Of course this will affect the strength of the zombies at night will be much more powerful. You will be faced with the choice of whether to safely explore the city during the day. Or are you aiming for rewards high but with a much more deadly challenge at night.

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Currently, Techland has opened Pre-orders for Dying Light 2. Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Xbox Series X are allotted for this game. Techland officially revealed the release date to be December 7, 2022.

Games it is divided into 3 versions later; standard, deluxe and ultimate. Especially for those who participate in the pre-order period, they will get additional bonus items, outfits, weapons and paragliding skins. Wow, that’s interesting.

You can order games It’s on the official website here.

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