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Download Final Fantasy VII Remake Immediately!

final fantasy vii remake idgameware

Ahead of its release on August 10, Final Fantasy VII Remake can already be downloaded on Playstation 4. The file size itself is around 81.1 GB for part 1 of this game. We think that Square Enix’s policy really helps gamers to be able to play this game on time. The policy of being able to download this game digitally is largely influenced by the corona pandemic that is happening around the world. Many media praised Square Enix for presenting an excellent formula in Final Fantasy VII Remake, so it is worth waiting for the presence of this game. The initial version of this game will be exclusive for one year on the Playstation 4. So PC Gamers and other platforms can wait a year to play this game. Part 1 will end in midgard so it’s doubtful we’ll see a scene of Aerith being stabbed by Sephiroth in HD here. From the file size it is not clear whether it will increase or not because sometimes there will be an update patch that can increase the file size significantly. For those who have purchased digitally, immediately download Final Fantasy VII Remake via PS4. For those who bought a BD and hopefully the delivery isn’t too late, bro. Immediately Download Final Fantasy VII Remake and enjoy playing.