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Doomguy Will Be Back In One Month

doom eternal release

You fans of the game Doom since 1993 as well as fans of casual shooter games who just heard of Doom Eternal today can’t wait to use BFG on a bunch of demons that roam. This one man army, called Doomguy, will return on August 20, 2022. Compared to the previous series, Doomguy will have grapple hook shotguns, flamethrower on the shoulder of the armor, even laser axe. Doom Eternal which will be released will also have a multiplayer mode called Battlemode.

Promised to have a longer gameplay duration than the previous game, this game will stimulate your adrenaline even longer. What is certain is that the map will be bigger and more secrets will be scattered for those of you who like adventure. Not only that, you will also be met with a new model of enemies designed to frustrate you.

More about the multiplayer mode that will be in this game, it is a 1v2 competitive mode. In which a player plays Doomguy against two other people who can control demons and monsters. Not only that, this game will have features invasionwhere if we are connected to the internet, other people can enter our game and control the monsters in our game.

Can’t wait to try this game? Doom Eternal has been released and can be purchased via Steam but cannot be played until the release date of August 20, 2022. You can buy this game for IDR 799,000 only.